Cherished Recovery Toolkit

The 12 week programme builds on itself week by week. It aims to help women to recover from the psychological trauma of being in an abusive relationship. This complements the Freedom Programme and it is advised ladies should complete both. However this is a closed group after week 2 and one week leads on to the next, so if you miss more than 2 weeks it is suggested you continue on the following course.

Aims of this programme:

  • to positively change how you perceive yourself (self-esteem and self-image)
  • to encourage the development of strategies to help you cope with emotional pain
  • to recognise the effects of abuse on children, encouraging you to develop positive parenting skills
  • to positively change how you interact with others
  • to set individual goals and action planning
  • to give individuals the knowledge needed to enable them to move forward in their lives and develop healthy relationships

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