Here are some Testimonials, letters and quotes from Cherished Ladies


Freedom Course:

"it totally changed my life, gave me the confidence to deal with things and made me realise that how I had been treated was abuse" xx TC

"I didn't realise half of what he'd done was abuse. It really opened my eyes, also being able to now recognise the early warning signs and get out before you get in too deep." AH

" realising I'm not alone" JM

" I did not deserve it, it was not my fault" LA

Recovery Toolkit:

"I found it fun, it didn't find it as hard going, definitely helped with confidence and self esteem and self worth" AH

It was a right eye opener for me, I didn't think the abuse I had was very much(because it was rarely physical). It showed me how wrong I was and how to spot it in the future" CE